How to fix a broken garage door chain?

How to fix a broken garage door chain?

Garage owners are trying to use modern equipment and mechanisms for their premises. Current technologies allow installing various types of gates, including automatic ones. Each mechanism has its installation and operation features, which should be followed for the equipment to serve as long as possible.

Automatic gates are opened and closed by the owner from the outside using a chain mechanism. Garage door automation is a complex and multi-element process that quickly opens/closes doors. Modern homeowners need to know how to fix the garage door chain if needed. Problems with the gate can occur due to mechanical influences or improper operation of the equipment. Whatever the reason, it must be addressed as quickly as possible to use the garage door again.

The main reasons for the breakdown of the garage door chain

To fix the garage door opener chain, you need to know what the main cause of the breakdown is. In many cases, the gate stops working correctly due to problems with the chain. The chain, or drive, is one of the most important elements in the design of the gate. The chain, together with other parts, raises the gate and lowers it in place, and thanks to the latches it holds the door in the desired position.

The owner can understand replacing the chain drive garage door opener and what happened to him if he understands the cause of the breakdown. The chain can fail if:

  • the chain breaks;
  • no lubrication;
  • a foreign object is in the chain sections;
  • The chain is not tensioned correctly.

An open circuit may occur due to elementary wear of the material or improper care of it. In this case, only a complete replacement of the entire length of the chain can help. It is important to constantly monitor the tension chain in the gate for the presence of a special lubricant. A lubricated chain in time does not cause any problems and serves the consumer for a long time.

It also happens that third-party objects get into the chain. Basically, it is enough to remove them for the mechanism to work correctly. In rare cases, the chain will need to be repaired. The chain tensioning process is important for the correct functioning of the gate and its durability. In order not to need to garage door chain replacement, you should initially tension it correctly.

Step-by-step instructions: how to replace a garage door chain

Finding the cause of the breakdown

Any garage door opener chain replacement requires first determining the cause of the breakdown. It can be banal chain wear due to time, external factors (dampness of the garage), or improper operation. At this stage, it is still quite possible to get off small – to fix the problem, and not completely replace the chain.

Dismantling the old

Before proceeding with the installation of a new chain, it is important to completely remove the old one. With the help of tools, the broken one is removed, the garage door opener chain repaired, or a new one is bought for further use.

Processing a new chain

The manufacturer undertakes to treat the chain for the gate with a special lubricant, but if this is not available or not enough, then the owner must independently correct the defect. You can purchase a special lubricant or use oil, mining, and lubricating the chain.


Following the example with the old chain or relying on the operating instructions for the gate, you should put the part in its place. How to replace the garage door chain will determine how quickly he returns to normal use of his garage space.

Chain tension

The final step is to tension the chain so that the gate opens to the desired height, does not pull out the fasteners, and works as conveniently as possible.

How often should the garage door chain be replaced?

Has your garage door opener chain broken or stretched and is not performing its intended function? It is at this stage that it should be replaced with a new one. There is no specific time when a chain replacement is required. Depending on the frequency and accuracy of operation, as well as the weight of the gate itself, the duration of the chain varies. It is recommended to process the chain for the change of seasons of the year and constantly monitor its sounds, as well as speed.

Why it is better to turn to professionals

To quickly service the garage door chain maintenance, you can contact the experts. Specialized companies undertake the repair of chains for gates and remove defects as soon as possible, performing a comprehensive replacement of the mechanism. Experts will help calculate the approximate garage door chain repair cost for comfortable cooperation with the owner.

Repair and replacement of the garage door chain is an integral part of the functioning of this entire mechanism. It is important to detect the problem in time, fix it yourself or turn to professionals to continue to conveniently use the garage.

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