Garage Door Panel Damage: Repairing vs. Replacing Sections

Every store owner knows well how important it is for the garage door to be in good working order; otherwise, it can cause a lot of problems – you won’t be able to leave the garage, which means you’ll be late for an important meeting; thieves or wild animals will enter the room. Thus, garage door panel dent repair will be essential if your door is broken.

Common Causes of Garage Door Panel Damage

Several times, you need to repair of dents on the garage door panel. It may be due to physical damage, such as damaging it with a car or after a severe hurricane (or other natural disaster). Additionally, you can often see damage after a break-in attempt. It is worth saying that the door can be seriously damaged with a strong impact, as can the mechanism that opens and closes it. At best, it will be very slow or sticky; at worst, it will be dangerous.

Another common reason for garage door panel repair is the long service life of the door. Some mechanisms can wear out over time and under unfavorable conditions (low temperature or high humidity) or insufficiently good maintenance.

Impact of Damaged Panels on Overall Door Functionality

If the panels were slightly damaged, for example, just a tiny dent, then this will likely not significantly impact the door’s functionality. However, if you crashed into the door with a car or there was a strong storm, then most likely, such damage will significantly impact the door’s functionality. The fact is that when hit, the mechanism that opens and closes the door may be damaged, which means you will not be able to control it remotely. In addition, the door may begin to operate very slowly or unreliably, and sometimes, using such a door can be dangerous – causing harm to your car or yourself.

DIY Tips for Small Garage Door Panel Dent Repairs

First, you should evaluate the garage door panel damage. If it’s not big, you can repair it yourself. If the damage does not lead to a breakdown of the mechanism that closes and opens the door, and the damage is mainly cosmetic, you can fix minor dents using putty and painting.

If you decide to do garage door panel replacing, you need to consider many factors, including the model of your door, age, number of sections that need to be replaced, and much more. Next, you need to order units of the exact door model installed in your garage and install them according to the instructions.

When to Call a Professional for Garage Door Panel Repairs

It is imperative to contact specialists for garage door panel crack repair when the functionality of the entire door is damaged due to damage or breakage of a section. In this case, a professional must assess the extent of the damage and create a repair plan. They will also study which spare parts are best to use; it may be better to completely replace the entire system rather than replace individual spare parts.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Among the main signs that door panels need to be replaced are:

  • Severe damage;
  • Doors operate too slowly;
  • The door jams;
  • The mechanism is malfunctioning;
  • You want new features.

You should consult with professionals before deciding to repair or replace garage door panels.

Estimating Costs for Garage Door Panel Repairs

The cost of garage door panel repairs depends on many factors – the price of components, the complexity and timing of the work, the brand of your door, and much more. Typically, repairs will cost you between $150 and $200, and a complete replacement depends on your chosen model. If you want to know the exact amount, you can contact our specialists, and they will study your needs and name the same price.

Consider When Choosing Between Repair and Replacement

As a rule, simple repairs are suitable when the door is not severely damaged and the damage does not affect the operation of the primary mechanism. If the damage is significant, installing another door and the tool will likely be cheaper and more accessible. Additionally, if your door is old and you want to update it – get new features, change the appearance, or update the mechanism, then it will likely be more cost-effective to do a complete replacement.

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