How Much Does Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost

Sectional doors are popular for replacement both in personal garages and the private sector, as well as in large industrial premises (for example, in car washes and service stations). They are presented in two main types – mechanical and automatic type. Regardless of the specific variety, during operation, various breakdowns of the mechanism may occur over time. In this case, it may be necessary to replace parts, depending on the extent of the breakdown.

To calculate the budget that the garage owner will have to spend on the required repairs, it is worth knowing in advance how much is it to replace a garage door panel. To do this, consider the standard scheme of actions for replacing a failed panel, as well as the cost to replace the garage door panel.

What to Choose: Garage Door Panel Repair or Replacement

Correctly and efficiently performed repair of the garage door panel not only eliminates the malfunction that has arisen, but also allows you to extend their service life. But before proceeding with the repair work, it is first necessary to carry out a detailed diagnosis. A thorough examination of the condition of the gate by an experienced specialist allows you to identify the cause of the breakdown, as well as find the most effective solution to the situation that has arisen to eliminate it. Some of the most common causes of garage door failure include:

  • natural wear and tear;
  • mechanical damage;
  • incorrect use of the structure.

Depending on what kind of malfunction led to the failure of the garage door mechanism, further actions are taken to restore their performance. If worn parts are found that cannot be repaired, they will need to be completely replaced. If the specialist determines that the panel can no longer be restored, it will have to be replaced. At the same time, the garage door panel replacement cost will be slightly higher than the price for its repair.

Our company installs and repairs all types of commercial and private garages that require restoration to function effectively. After such repairs, garage doors will be able to withstand not only active use but also various external influences, such as strong winds and hail, which will allow them to serve you for many years.

In general, to accurately determine what exactly will allow you to troubleshoot in each case, the replacement or repair of the garage door panel, you need professional advice from a specialist. For example, you might want to replace a broken door. But after a professional diagnosis, it may turn out that you do not need to replace the entire garage door, but only one bottom panel that is deformed or bent. In this case, you can save a decent amount of money by replacing only the bent garage door panel. In this case, the master will be able to orient you in the average cost of garage door panel replacement.

How much does it cost to replace garage door panels

Several main types of garage doors can be used both in the private sector and to ensure the safety of vehicles on industrial premises. These include the following types of gates:

  • sectional doors (a popular type consisting of interconnected horizontal panels);
  • hinged (consisting of two wings);
  • retractable (characterized by the absence of guide rails on the ground);
  • lift-and-turn (with the presence of a sash-shield that moves both in the vertical and horizontal directions);
  • rolled (consisting of steel strips, which are combined into a flexible web).

Thus, the need for repair or replacement of the panel itself may arise in the case of sectional garage doors.

Replacement garage door panels prices depend not only on their variety but also on several other equally important parameters. These include:

  • the complexity of breakage;
  • manufacturer of existing gates;
  • quality and quantity of required components;
  • qualification of the master;
  • list of work performed and so on.

How much does a garage door panel repair cost?

If the breakdown that caused the garage door mechanism to malfunction is determined to be minor during the inspection process, then only a partial repair will be needed to restore the operation of the door. It will not be necessary to completely change the panel, which means that the budget allocated for repairs will be reduced.

To correctly determine which part caused the malfunction, it is necessary to consult a specialist. It is quite difficult to do this on your own, and an error in determining the cause of a breakdown without appropriate experience can cost the owner of the garage extra money spent.

It is also worth noting that for your safety and economy, you should contact the master as soon as you notice even a small problem or other harbingers of a problem. For example, if a suspicious creak is detected when opening and closing panels, it becomes necessary to make efforts to close them, interruptions in the work of electricians, you should not wait for the situation to worsen, but immediately correct them with the help of an experienced specialist. If you contact the master promptly, costly replacement of the panel can be avoided by correcting all the troubles with minor repairs. The specialist will be able to tell you the exact garage door panel repair cost after inspecting and identifying the causes of the problem.

Which is more profitable: replace the panel yourself or turn to professionals

When a malfunction occurs in the functioning of the garage door, some seek to fix it on their own, wanting to save time and money. Especially acting on your own can be prompted by the inability to get your car out of the garage, in which the door is jammed. Some believe that they can easily fix a small breakdown on their own, without outside help. But this is far from always possible since, in the absence of the necessary skills and abilities, a home master can only exacerbate the existing problem.

Since sectional doors are a source of increased danger, if they do not function properly, we strongly recommend contacting specialists. Our experience in installing, replacing, and repairing garage panels will help you not only solve current problems but also avoid new ones.

We make sure that our clients receive quality work. Our team has extensive experience in this field and gives a guarantee to extend the impeccable service of your garage door panels. Our staff consists of only real professionals in their field who will be able to eliminate the breakdown in a short time, and during the diagnostics, they will calculate the exact cost to repair a garage door panel or replace it, as well as the costs of further maintenance if necessary.

To consult with a professional, as well as find out the approximate how much does it cost to replace a garage door panel, contact the specialists of our company using the contact details listed on the official website.

Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair Costs

How Much Does It Cost to Replace or Repair a Garage Door Spring?

The torsion spring is an important part of the overhead garage door. The normal functioning of the door depends on its serviceability, and if the door does not work properly, then the part is worn out and it needs to be replaced. A broken spring is the inconvenience associated with having to lift the door manually, as well as the possibility of injury if, in the process of lifting or driving under the door, they fall.

The cost to replace broken garage door spring is low, so it is best to entrust this work to specialists. A professional will very quickly return the gate to working condition, determine whether the part needs to be replaced or whether it is enough to adjust or lubricate it.

Even though the typical cost to replace garage door spring is very affordable, some choose to do it themselves. At the same time, professionals recommend studying all the technical information, understanding what a garage door spring is, how it works and weighing all the risks of such work.

Why do you need a garage door spring?

The torsion and tension gate springs are responsible for lifting and closing the door, therefore they work under high pressure. Without them, heavy gates cannot be lifted manually, and the electric motors of mechanical openers will not help in this case either. Lowering a heavy sash when the spring breaks is very dangerous, as the door can break off abruptly.

The service life of high-quality metal parts can be up to thirty years, but even they, sooner or later, fail. Experts insist that in this case professional repair or replacement is necessary. The garage door torsion spring replacement cost or restoring it is quite affordable. At the same time, you will receive comfort and safety.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring

The average cost for garage door spring repair it by professionals is shown in the table:

Detail typeSpring cost in dollarsPrice per job in dollarsTotal cost in dollars
With single torsion75-110110-140185-250
With double147-185150-165297-350
With one extension20-40100-120120-160
With double30-50130-150160-200

Prices are for standard garage doors for one or two cars. If the garage has wooden doors with heavy insulation, the price can go up by $60-$100.

What affects the cost of replacing a garage door spring

How much does it cost to replace garage spring depends on many factors, the main thing that they pay attention to:

  •  part specifications;
  •  size and bearing capacity of the spring;
  •  type and condition of the gate:
  •  whether disassembly is required or not;
  •  you need to change the kit or just the spring.

If you want to know the exact garage door spring replacement cost, contact the professionals who will evaluate the work and components for free.

Spring replacement or repair?

The price to repair garage door spring is always better than the garage door opener spring replacement cost. But only a specialist can decide whether to change a part or repair it. In some cases, repair is simply not possible. Moreover, when it comes to springs, experts do not recommend repair, it is better to immediately remove the part and put in a new one. There are several options for how to understand that you can not do without a replacement:

  •  open the gate halfway, step back and observe if the door closes slowly by itself, it means that the mechanism is not working;
  •  try to check the springs themselves, the working ones are twisted much tighter than the worn ones that need to be replaced;
  •  clicking is a sign that it is time to change the spring, as well as a sharp click, indicating that the part is beyond repair.

It is often impossible to repair a garage door spring. Moreover, the repair of such a part cannot guarantee the safe operation of the gate. In order to avoid injury and damage to your car, it is better to immediately remove the defective part.

Hire a professional or do it yourself?

Both torsion and tension elements are quite inexpensive, which is why some garage owners prefer to replace the part themselves.

At the same time, the garage door spring installation cost is quite affordable, so gate repairs with extensive experience do not recommend doing this on their own. To carry out the work safely, you will need special tools, which also cost money. And if the replacement or repair is performed by a person who does not have special knowledge and experience, there is a high probability of injury.

As with any service work, garage door spring replacement is best left to the professionals. The specialists of our company will perform the work quickly, inexpensively and efficiently. For little money, you will provide yourself with comfort, safety and will be able not to return to the problem of spring breakage for many years.

Estimate the cost of replacing the part yourself, and you will realize that the cost to fix broken spring on garage door by professionals is much lower.

An impeccably working garage door lift mechanism is convenience, comfort and safety. Even if you are sure that you can do the job of replacing the spring yourself, by turning to professionals, you will feel more confident. Top-rated repair specialists are always ready to help you. Free evaluation, low replacement cost, hassle-free repair and complete safety – all this is guaranteed by experienced craftsmen.

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