Hurricane garage doors

Living in FL gives you many advantages in the form of a warm climate, attractions, gorgeous beaches, and clean places to swim and surf. However, there is a huge disadvantage as frequent hurricanes cause damage. On average, a hurricane of the first category damages 350 thousand households, and the fifth – up to 3 million. We offer to install hurricane-proof garage doors at a bargain price to protect your property.

Our company has been installing garage doors in Florida for a long time and has managed to prove itself on the positive side. We provide a guarantee for the installation work and check the strength and compliance with the declared quality of the manufacturer before installation of storm proof garage doors. Our doors can protect any building from the weather, preserving the owner’s property during a natural disaster.

Types of garage doors with hurricane rating The best protection for your home will be the installation of gates with protection against strong winds. Our company offers different models of gates differing in construction and design features. It allows customers to choose the most convenient and suitable model of the manufacturer Clopay. It has been on the market for over 50 years. Hurricane impact garage doors are distinguished by design aesthetics, quality, and durability:

  • MODERN STEEL – a versatile door model that fits any facade and house style.
  • PREMIUM – energy-efficient and durable door with quiet operation.
  • VALUE – design provides good security and long life. Executed in a classic style and affordable.
  • GALLERY – the gate consists of several layers of embossed panel and steel. Made in a vintage style.
  • COACHMAN – combines practicality and beauty.

We also offer other gate collections from the manufacturer Clopay, which provides a warranty on the quality and timing of the construction.

Wind Code

Our specialist carefully examines the building before starting to install a hurricane garage door. He also calculates the power of frequently occurring tornadoes in the area. It is necessary to choose the correct door model.

After voicing the installation cost and discussing all the nuances with the customer, we begin our work. After completing the installation, we necessarily provide a guarantee card and other necessary documents. Our goal is the safety of our clients and their property. That is why the installation is carried out by professionals of great experience.

Object inspection before the installation of the gate is mandatory, our contractors must know the accurate size of the installed structure, so everything is perfect. Inaccuracy can lead to unpleasant consequences.

We only install doors from reputable manufacturers who provide WindCode, which guarantees the strength tests carried out.

The importance of impact resistant garage doors

If you live in Broward or Miami-Dade, you should take your garage door installation seriously. High winds and hurricanes are especially common here. If there is a small hole in the garage door, it will result in the loss of the door and all the property in the garage. It’s because the growing pressure inside, as a result of strong winds from the garage, tears the roof, partially deforming the supporting walls.

Particular hurricane-proof garage doors home depot were developed to protect the structure and improve the situation. Unlike conventional garage doors, the doors have springs and thick construction. It ensures that they are secure during a hurricane.

If you wish to insure your garage, you should install the gate. Under the new code, if you don’t have a hurricane-proof gate installed. Then the insurance company may not compensate for damage that was caused by high winds. That’s why insurance companies provide discounts to Florida citizens for the installation of security gates. You can learn more about the insurance company’s actions from your insurance manager.

Insurance companies are targeting the Borrowdale and Miami-Dade areas in particular. In these climate zones, gates must meet strict requirements, and be tested for durability.

Requirements for a hurricane resistant garage door

Each model of door, the characteristic has a WindCode and the specified range of temperatures at which the structure works fully. If you doubt the choice of model, consult our experts who have carefully studied the climatic features of the area and know what garage door hurricane protection will be best for your building. We take into account the location of the building, the terrain, the distance of the building from the ocean, and other points. It allows us to offer our customers the best option in terms of protection and cost.

If you decide to install a gate, contact our company. We will do the job quickly and accurately, safely protecting your property from high winds.

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