Garage door hinge replacement and repair

The hinge is one of the practical component of future construction. Its role is to fasten the parts of the garage door, to ensure its mobility.

Depending on the weight of the sandwich door panels, different types of hinges (metal, polymer) are used and there are different numbers of them (most often four). Calculation of the number is performed by the possible load that can withstand a unit of your chosen type of hinges. The hinges should have bearings, it is necessary to ensure ease and smoothness of movement. Hinges for swing gates also differ in the way of fastening (screwing, nut):

Causes of damages

Practice has shown that one of the weak points of all metal doors and gates is hinges. Reasons for failure: the weight of the sandwich panels, untimely lubrication, temperature extremes. As a result, the hinges become loose or jammed, and you require garage door hinge repair. The service of welding includes the following work: preparing the for installation, cutting off the old one, replacing garage door hinges and rollers.

Our professionals can perform garage door hinge repair. When leaving the shop, our machine is equipped with a maximum set of tools. The main task of our company: to perform the maximum list of works needed by a client with quality and in short timing.

When to change

Hinges for garage doors should be serviced not more often than once a year. This is not the main part of the garage door that could cause damages. If you are faced with the problem of opening the gate or hearing uncharacteristic sounds when opening or closing, it may signal a breakdown. In this case, you can call our company, and we will guarantee you a quick trip to the place to fix the damage accurately.

The process of replacing

For garage doors, you can install the hinges with our help. There are a total of 3 ways to attach it to the gate:

  1. With the help of welding. This is the most reliable way. It is simply welded to the sash and frame. It is recommended to use reinforcement in the form of plates to increase the reliability of attachment.
  2. With the use of self-tapping screws for metal. If the sashes are made of thin metal, it is allowed to mount them on self-tapping screws for metal. Such self-tapping screws are equipped with drills, have hexagonal heads for easy screwing. In this case, the parts must have petals with holes drilled in them.
  3. With the use of self-tapping wood screws. Used exclusively in cases where the gate is wooden.

Choosing the right kind of garage door hinges, and then properly securing them, we will provide you with reliable protection for your garage.

Advantages of contacting us

The hinge is one of the most common breakdowns of swing gates. In the absence of lubrication during prolonged operation, the hinge can knock, creak, and, as a result, break off. In this case, you have to dismantle the old hinge and replace it. You can ask us about the cost of this work. We provide garage door hinge replacement services throughout Florida at an affordable price.

Our contractors FL specialize in fixing breakages, helping you install new items, and determining exactly the type you need. And all of this doesn’t take a lot of time or expense. We work with quality materials, and our experience will make your gate last for a long time.

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