Garage door sensor repair replacement

We all can see how different the gates are today, even at the neighbors’ lots. Gate repair is what each of their owners faces.

And the causes of failure can vary from replacing the battery to replacing the board or sensor.

Safety sensors or photobeams are optional devices of the automatic system. They are not in the main set, but you can purchase them separately and call us to help you install them. This device reacts to an obstacle appearing unexpectedly in front of the closing gate and sends a signal to the control unit to start reversing the flaps.

If the automation can work without photocells, should they be installed?

The answer is yes. To connect photobeams to automatics is not very difficult for our masters. The range of work we perform includes both installing garage door sensors and garage door sensor repair or garage door sensor replacement. You have to do it by following the wiring diagram that comes in the manual to the security sensors.

We recommend calling our specialist for diagnosis to name an approximate price for garage door sensor repair and fix the garage door sensor. Only in this case, you can be sure that the breakage is identified, defined, and evaluated by the possible repair gate: garage, automatic, sliding, hinged.

After our visit and diagnosis for garage door safety sensor replacement, the specialist will tell you the exact cost of repair. Then you will be making a decision based on accurate data and the timing.

Gates from modern manufacturers are very effective and comfortable to use because they have a fairly strong electronic component. However, this situation has a negative side. Complex systems more often fall into disrepair for a variety of reasons. In any case, it is necessary to take care of a qualified repair. You need to remember about quality. That is why you can completely trust our professionals to do such repair for you.

Causes of damage:

·        safety photobeams do not work;

·        the limit switch does not work;

·        there is a malfunction in the control unit;

·        worn hinges on the leaves;

·        need repair or replacement of sensor wire.

Our specialists will test the operation of photobeams, limit switch, control board, check the wiring and hinges for wear and tear. After that they will repair the relevant mechanisms and parts or, if necessary, will replace them.

Repair doors in FL may also include: arrival, diagnosis, and adjustment, but more often, replacement of photobeams, garage door safety sensor replacement, restoring the normal operation of the phases of distribution and starting systems, including garage door sensor repair.

Why do you need to call us?

Our service performs any kind of repairs for any type of gates, using professional equipment. If you need repair of automatic doors, our masters are at your service. We are ready to offer a high level of service and provide you with all the necessary parts for replacement. The price policy of our company will please all customers. We know how to fix all breakages and prolong the service life of your equipment. We give the guarantee for our work, as we have experience and our contractors know their job well. Our company cares about quality and reasonable cost!

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    Client Testimonials


    • Why install a sensor on the garage door?
      To keep your car as safe as possible, we recommend installing additional sensors on the gate. They do not come with the opening systems.
    • How long do the sensors last?
      We install sensors from trusted manufacturers. They last a long time. But over time, you may need to replace the board. It all depends on external factors and the care of using them.
    • How does the sensor work?
      The sensor reverses the gate leaves by signaling when an object is present. This prevents the gate from closing when a car, person, or animal is underneath.
    • Are the sensors expensive?
      We have the best prices for sensors among our competitors. The cost of the equipment depends on the manufacturer and the battery capacity to be installed.
    • What system can the sensor be connected to?
      Sensors can be connected to any gate control system. Most often, it is used for the automatic opening and closing of the gate. There is no point in installing an element for the manual type.

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