Garage door panel replacement

Garage and industrial sectional doors are very convenient devices. But sometimes, unfortunately, the door panels (usually the lower ones) get damaged, which deteriorates or makes it impossible to operate the door and spoils the appearance. It happens more often in warehouses or industrial complexes, car washes, and service stations than in the private sector. Do not worry too much if you damage the gate with a car. If the gate is heavy, the car repair comes out many times more expensive than the repair of the gate. To replace a damaged panel, you need to choose it from our range by the following parameters: type of pane, color, surface, dimensions.

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Note some advantages that have garage doors made of this material:

  • Due to the range of profiles, the customer can choose from twenty different configurations.
  • The service of the product significantly increases due to the special anti-corrosion coatings.
  • The lack of sagging of the sashes and the reliability of joints and connections are ensured by button fasteners usage during assembly.
  • Reliable hinges secure the wings and protect the gate from sagging.

But, if door construction is good and reliable, it has to be repaired sometime in the future. Any visible mechanical damage, improper usage leads to the failure of the overhead gate and automatic system.

In this case, you could have a new garage door. Or you can order the garage door panel repair or replacement.

First, we need to realize that the correct setting of the garage door panels and the servicing at the installation process are the most significant points. Hiring a professional to do this job at the start prevents you from further damages. Call master to check if you need repair or replacement. For this, you can call our service, and contractors agree on the timing and check the level of damage. In Florida, some weather conditions can also cause some troubles. All gates can be worn out. You may need to fix the garage door panel.

Garage Panels Replacement or Repair?

Panels can become worn or mechanically damaged. In this issue, we offer you to replace the panel or ordering a repair service for the door panels. Every material, tool, or complex mechanism has its advantages and disadvantages.

Steel plate in the design of the gate panel is not just an iron plate, but one that does not rust or burn out in the sun and has good adhesion to the polyurethane foam. The gate section has two steel plates connected in strong locks, through which the fasteners of the hinges and brackets of the gate. Depending on the type of surface, the steel sheet has different thicknesses.

Installing or replacement of garage door panels requires inspection. In our company, we have masters who can check the issue for further work.

First, we need to see if there is damage to the bottom or top panel. After all, you may not need to replace the whole garage door, but only a single panel that warped or bent. Since the products come in sizes, you will need to contact one of your gate manufacturer’s authorized dealers in the FL area to replace the gate panel.

What do we offer?

Since the sectional door is a source of increased danger, we strongly recommend contacting specialists in the event of any problems. Our experience in installation and garage panels replacement and repair will not only help to solve current problems but also to avoid the emergence of new ones.

We care that our clients get a good quality of work. Our team is experienced and gives a guarantee to prolong the accurate service of your garage door panels. We always estimate everything and have the best specialists who will help you calculate the average cost for fixing. And further maintenance if needed.

Our company makes repairs and installs the panels, which will allow the mechanism to last much longer.

Why Choose Our Garage Door Panel Repair and Installation Service?

When you’re in need of expert garage door panel replacement and installation services, our company is the local solution you can trust. Here’s why you should choose us for all your garage door panel needs:

  • Skilled Panel Installation: Our experienced technicians excel at installing garage door panels with precision. Whether it’s a single panel replacement or an entire door installation, we ensure the job is done flawlessly.
  • Wide Range of Panels: We offer a variety of garage door panels to match your style and budget, ensuring you have options that suit your needs.
  • Expert Repairs: If your existing panels are damaged, our skilled team can also repair them efficiently, saving you the cost of a full replacement.

Choose us for reliable, efficient, and local garage door panel repair and installation services, delivering quality results for your home.

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    Client Testimonials


    • Which door panel is most often replaced?
      We generally find that the bottom section of the door needs to be replaced more often. This is due to careless parking, impacts, and other mechanical damage.
    • How long does a panel door last?
      With timely maintenance and careful use, doors last a long time. It will not rust due to a special protective layer. It can be easily matched to the facade thanks to a wide range of colors.
    • Is there a quality guarantee on panel gates?
      If you have purchased a door from us, we guarantee its quality. We only work with trusted manufacturers. Installation is carried out by professional craftsmen.
    • I have a damaged garage door. Do I need to replace it?
      A new gate is more expensive than repairing it. That is why we recommend you to use our handyman. After examining the damage, he will tell you exactly whether or not you need a complete gate replacement.
    • Can I work with you on a long-term basis?
      Yes, it is possible. We work with a variety of customers, both individuals, and companies. That is why we are always happy to have regular customers.

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