What Does It Cost To Install a Garage Door Keypad?

Garage door keypads simplify the process of operation, allow you to quickly enter the garage, as well as make precise control of the gate. You can install such a device on most types of garage doors.

In this article, we will consider what a garage door keyboard is, types of devices, features of operation and installation, as well as the average garage keypad installation cost.

What is a garage door keypad and why is it needed?

Garage door keypads

Garage door keypads are high-tech automatic actuators that are specifically designed to operate garage doors. Keyboards include a whole block of elements:

  • control block;
  • electromechanical drive;
  • access management systems (keyboard, radio key fob, card reader, etc.).

Keypads not only provide easy and quick access to the gate without having to get out of the car but also carry security features. Breaking a gate with a keypad is much more difficult than a simple lock, while you can additionally install a warning siren or transfer data to a security console.

The garage door keypad installation cost is relatively low, given all the positive aspects of the operation.What are garage door keyboards?

There are 2 types of garage door keypads:

  • Wired – connected to the common gate system through wires, requires a constant source of electricity to operate. For the gate to always work properly, it is recommended to connect an additional power source or generator.
  • Wireless – a stand-alone keyboard that can be powered by classic batteries or solar panels.

A wireless keyboard is easier to install and also more reliable if power outages occur.

How much does a keyboard cost?

The cost of the keyboard ranges from 6 to 60 euros, depending on the manufacturer, design complexity, functionality, and other indicators. Choosing a garage door keyboard is necessary, taking into account the characteristics of the garage, the frequency of operation, as well as the functions that it must perform. In most cases, keyboards that are in the middle price segment are enough.

Factors Influencing Cost

Garage door keypads
  • Definition and Significance of Keyboards. Keyboards serve as an essential input device for computers, with various types catering to diverse needs. Their significance in computing is unquestionable.
  • Types of Keyboards and Their Price Range. Different keyboard types such as membrane, mechanical, ergonomic, and gaming keyboards exhibit varied cost ranges due to their unique features and functionalities.
  • Keyboard Price Range Variations. Budget, Mid-Range, and High-End Keyboards. Understanding the distinctions in cost and features across budget, mid-range, and high-end keyboards can guide consumers towards the right purchase.
  • Quality vs. Price. Evaluating the relationship between quality and price is crucial when determining the worth of a keyboard.
  • Customization and Add-ons. Factors such as customization, backlit keys, extra function keys, and build materials significantly impact the cost, catering to individual preferences.
  • Brands and Market Trends. Influential brands and market trends play a pivotal role in dictating keyboard pricing. Recognizing this influence aids in understanding cost fluctuations.
  • Where to Purchase. From retail stores to online platforms, exploring different purchasing options can reveal varying deals and offers, affecting the final price tag.
  • Keyboard Price Evaluation Methods. Tools and resources available for consumers to compare prices across different brands and models facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Maintenance and Longevity. Analyzing the cost of maintenance and durability over time sheds light on the long-term expense associated with different keyboards.

Understanding the various factors influencing keyboard pricing is crucial in making a well-informed purchase decision. Whether aiming for budget-friendly options or investing in high-end models, balancing cost and quality remains key.

How long does a garage door keypad last?

Keyboard life depends on build quality, system complexity, and operating conditions. If the keyboard is protected from aggressive environmental influences and is also used infrequently, then its service life can be calculated in decades. If a budget model is installed at the checkpoint of a large enterprise, then replacement may be required after a couple of years of operation.

What do you need to install a keyboard on a garage door?

If a keypad opening system is installed on the garage door, then you can install a new one or replace the old one yourself, provided that the electronics are not very complicated.

For this you need:

  • new keyboard panel;
  • spare parts that may have failed;
  • tools for working with electricity;
  • a set of screwdrivers and other accessories.

The installation process of a new wired keypad implies the mandatory connection of all control contacts to the gate opening or lifting system. To install a wireless keyboard, you only need to attach the keypad to the control unit, which is already connected to the opening mechanism and sends commands to it.

The cost to install a garage door keypad on your own will be equal to the cost of a new keypad and additional fasteners.

What is the average cost of a keyboard replacement?

Replacing or installing a keyboard yourself is not always a profitable option, especially if you do not know which model to choose and do not have the appropriate experience. To repair and replace electronics, it is recommended to contact professionals who will replace the entire keyboard or its elements in a couple of hours.

How much does it cost to install a garage keypad is calculated individually since the final amount will include the departure of the master and diagnostics, the cost of the necessary parts, as well as payment for the work itself.

Thus, the garage keyboard is an almost indispensable device for modern garage equipment. Its installation and maintenance do not require large material and time costs, however, if you do not have the appropriate skills, it is recommended to contact professionals who will install or replace it as soon as possible.


1. How much does it typically cost to install a garage door keypad?

  • The cost to install a garage door keypad usually ranges between $100 to $300. Factors such as the keypad brand, features, and installation complexity can influence the overall cost.

2. What is the estimated cost for installing two garage door keypads?

  • Installing two garage door keypads can cost between $200 to $600, considering the installation fees for two keypads, their features, and any additional labor charges.

3. What factors influence the cost to install a garage door keypad?

  • The installation cost for a garage door keypad can vary based on factors like the type of keypad, its features, the complexity of the installation process, and labor charges.

4. How is the cost determined for installing a garage door keypad?

  • The cost to install a garage door keypad is determined based on the selected keypad’s brand, features, complexity of installation, and any additional charges for professional labor.

5. What’s the average cost to install a garage door keypad?

  • On average, the cost to install a garage door keypad ranges from $100 to $300, although this can vary depending on the specific brand, features, and installation requirements.

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