Garage door repair in Plantation

Our company repairs, installs, replaces doors of different types, as well as maintenance activities tailored to the features and design.

Garage door installation in Plantation

Garage doors have become an integral part of almost any modern house nowadays. And this fact is not surprising, because they can perform the main task - the protection of property - your car. And that's not all!

You should only take the remote control and press the button on the remote control without leaving the cabin of your car, and you will find yourself in a warm garage.

Garage Door Repair in Plantation

Naturally, the preparatory work for the alignment of the opening for the gate is performed directly to the customer or a construction company performing construction on your behalf. We can repair or replace the following parts:

  • Springs;
  • Spring conversion;
  • Gate openers;
  • Repair services.

Garage door maintenance in Plantation

Do not worry about the money on the maintenance of such structures. We give reasonable cost. But it should be carried out regularly so that you do not need to spend a lot of time and money on major repairs in the future.

The hinges of such structures fail, which is associated with a heavy load on them.

Our company performs any service of varying complexity with a house call in Plantation.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Our specialists are fast and can perform emergency garage door repair at any time on the same day. We can replace broken garage door springs, garage door track, sensors. We can also adjust guides and springs to keep your door running smoothly. We can repair or replace anything.

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    Garage door panel repair and replacement Plantation

    There are different thicknesses of the sandwich panels used for gates. This panel does not have a cold bridge, as the outer and inner sheets of steel are in contact through a special gasket.

    Garage sectional doors can be made of sandwich panels of different colors and textures. Our company can replace or repair individual panels of your gates in Plantation.

    Garage Door Seal Replacement

    Gaskets are used when installing gates. But no matter how accurately the dimensions and design are, it is almost impossible to achieve perfect geometric compliance.

    Typically, the gaps arise at the junction of the walls and ceiling, as well as at the junction of leaves and entrance gates.

    It is in these places - it makes sense to use a seal for the garage door. In today's market of construction materials, there are many different options.

    Garage door keypad repair

    The process of closing and opening any type of gate has now become possible to automate and control by pressing a single remote control button. It often happens that such equipment also fails. In our company, specialists will help you with any service - installation, repair, or replacement of the remote control or keypad.

    Garage door replacement in Plantation

    Our specialists perform garage door replacement of sectional, automatic, sliding, and swinging gates. All of these systems require a special approach and the appropriate amount of knowledge. Garage doors, the replacement of which is not always easy, in their majority have similar opening systems. Our contractors will help you with any issue.

    The advantages of working with us

    Our company offers not only a wide range of products but also provides comprehensive services to eliminate failures, defects, marriage, timely replacement of components, and provide quality service to each of our clients in Plantation.

    We employ true professionals with experience in installation, maintenance, and repair at any time. We guarantee garage door maintenance in Plantation. Urgent arrival within the closest timing!

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      Client Testimonials


      • What additional work will be required when installing a gate?
        Installing heavy gates may require wall reinforcement, alignment of the opening, removal of the old structure, and more. After inspecting the facility in Plantation, the handyman will calculate the exact cost of services and tell you if any additional work needs to be done.
      • What should I do if I need to leave urgently and the gate is broken?
        You need to contact us. The master will come as quickly as possible to the specified address in Plantation and fix the problem. We guarantee the decency of employees and a guarantee on the services provided.
      • Do I need to install sensors in the gate?
        Sensors are needed for the automatic gate opening system. They also prevent the gate from closing if there is an object underneath it, ensuring maximum safety. Sensors are not needed for gates that open manually. We install sensors at Plantation for all control systems.
      • How do I know when to have my gate serviced?
        Our company works in all areas of Plantation to service, repair, and install gates. When you sign a contract with us, our staff will calculate by themselves when the structure needs to be serviced, informing you in advance and stipulating the time of the master's arrival.
      • How much does it cost to install the gate in your company?
        The price is calculated according to the type of the gate, the control system, and the need for additional work. We will choose a suitable construction variant for you based on your budget, climate conditions, and preferences. Call us, and we will send an employee to Plantation for a site inspection to measure the size and select the best design option for you.

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